The Beginning of Village Mums

Welcome to Village Mums! Village Mums is a fun and safe space for you to connect with other Mums, at all stages of motherhood. Not only can you get invaluable support from each other as well as helpful thoughts, ideas and resources, but you can also make life long friends through our virtual and face to face events! 

Village Mums was born from an innate desire for connection during the COVID-19 Pandemic, after giving birth to a daughter 12 days before the first round of Stage 3 Restrictions were introduced in Victoria. As anyone who has given birth in these crazy times would know, this added some unprecedented challenges to the early days, weeks and months of motherhood. All support and appointments went from being face to face to phone or video consultations. Introducing your beautiful new baby to friends and family went from cuddles with loved ones to holding your baby up to the camera on a video call with phrases like “can you see her now?” echoing around the country. Partners and new big brothers and sisters missing out on valuable bonding time due to hospital restrictions. Grandparents missing out on precious cuddles and smiles. The usual network of supports for new mums suddenly looked very stark and very different to any time before.

But enough of the challenges and the things we’ve been missing out on, it’s also meant we’ve got to spend more precious time as just a family unit, new big brothers and sisters have had uninterrupted time with their new little family member. Mums and dads have got to navigate the early days without the pressure of inviting everyone over to meet the new little bub, and sleep routines have been more manageable with not having to worry about leaving the house for anything! All silver linings around an otherwise very grey rain cloud!

So amongst all of the craziness, Village Mums was born! To be a beacon for all Mothers. Wherever you’re at in your journey of motherhood (seasoned professional, new or expectant mother) and whatever side of the feelings fence your sitting on today (positive or negative, good day or bad day), Village Mums is here, with a warm virtual hug, a listening ear, and a community of mums at the ready to help with whatever advice, anecdotes, resources or stories of personal experience you need right now. We’re all here to remind you, “you’ve got this!”

Why Join The Village?

Membership is absolutely free, and joining the village will see you welcomed into a fun and supportive community of mums who are at all different stages of their Motherhood journey. The aim of Village Mums is to not only provide a form of connection during tough times, but to have fun and create some lifelong friends along the way. For all the rewards and joy that come with Motherhood, there can also be some challenging times and Village Mums is here to provide a virtual shoulder to cry on, advice on ways other Mums have gotten through similar tricky times and tonnes of resources that can not only provide some great information but add some laughter and light to your life!

Free Membership

Becoming a part of the Village Mums community is absolutely free. This free membership gives you access to all areas, and makes you a fully fledged Village Mum! So click the button below to join now! We can’t wait to meet you!

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